Friday, September 22, 2017

Four things I know about the Kingsman franchise ahead of my viewing of The Golden Circle

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle ready to take on It at the box office this weekend, I thought it would be nice to do a post for all you peeps out there that don't know much about the "behind the curtains" stuff of this franchise. Namely, there's four things that I know:

1) Colin Firth wasn't supposed to be in the sequel. The popularity of the character virtually demanded it be done though, and I guess I'll know soon enough how it happens.

2) It's loosely based on "The Secret Service" comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. I've never read the comic book myself (I bet Pat Dilloway has), but I do like that it's "over-the-top" like a comic book movie. I think a lot of the spy genre stuff that's come out these days is too grounded in reality. I want to see fantasy mixed in with these super spies. Like fantastic crazy stuff...unbelievable stuff. Not a string of gun-kata martial arts maneuvers that goes on for about an hour and a half (with some dialogue dribbled here and there in a half-assed attempt at cobbling together a story).

3) Colin Firth did 80% of his own stunts. I'm really surprised at this because a lot of the stuff that his character "Harry" does is really impressive. Maybe not Tom Cruise impressive, but Tom Cruise is kinda crazy in my opinion.

4) In real life, Taron Egerton (who plays Eggsy Unwin) is scared of dogs. I actually share this phobia to some extent. I was attacked by a dog when I was eight years old. I see that dog oftentimes in my mind whenever I look at someone's pet. I feel like people don't realize how much of the "vicious animal" still remains inside their beloved family member. But it's there...always lurking.


  1. Never having heard of this before, I would've never guessed this is a spy movie based on that image. So I did a search and found the image here more spyish.

    Have a great weekend, Mike.

  2. Nope never read the comics. I really liked the first one but I figure they're going to kill off Lancelot in the first act and that's just annoying when sequels do that like GI Joe 2, Sherlock Holmes 2, Iron Eagle 2, etc.

  3. I liked the first one but felt the mass church killings a bit much, and I detested Samuel L. Jackson as the villain. But if the sequel receives at least a "B" I'll go see it because I like the stylishness of the story.

  4. I'm scared of dogs, too!

    I didn't like the over the top-ness of the first movie. Too much for me. I've found, especially lately, that I don't have much of a tolerance for violence. I hope you have a good time at the movie, though.

  5. I loved the first one, and will probably love the 2nd. I don't care how silly it may be, but the cast is prime. Esp. Channing Tatue.