Monday, July 17, 2017

Here are my thoughts on the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones.

I loved the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones last night on HBO. But there are a few things that bug me with the gap in time between seasons. I mean obviously...there has to have been some time (a month maybe) for Daenerys to sail to Dragonstone with her fleet. If I'm being generous...perhaps three months at sea? So in that time I'm expected to swallow a few of the following (which I did...but I'm kind of complaining about the time compression here):

1) Euron Greyjoy built a thousand ships. Yara and Theon stole all of Euron's good ships, so he had his men go about building more. It seems to me that a thousand ships would be a tall order. They sure as hell slapped those suckers together fast. I mean...the Iron Folk are experts at sailing, but it just makes me wonder how they could put together so many ships in so little time.

2) How did Jorah get all the way to Old Town? I suppose he left Daenerys in the desert so there was enough time that passed. But why did he go to Old Town? I thought for sure he'd go back to the woman that wore the veil in front of her face that we met in season two that said she knew of a cure for greyscale (Jorah's disease). It's disturbing how much of it has progressed, by the way.

3) Why is Jaime Lannister not furious with Cersei? I didn't expect the banter between them to go with such civility. I mean she's a psychopathic murderer whose directly responsible for one of his son's deaths. I don't know why he didn't just strangle the life out of her in last night's episode.

Now onto some assorted musings about the premiere:

1) The White Walkers have undead giants. I wasn't expecting that, and it was a nice touch. Mark my word...before it is all over, Lady Mormont will kill one of those single-handedly.

2) Euron had the balls to mock Jaime Lannister in the throne room in front of Cersei. "I have two good hands." That was hilarious.

3) The Hound has really won me over as someone that has a good heart. I never expected that of him. He has a tremendous amount of empathy for the small folk, and he's swiftly becoming a favorite character.

What about you? Any assorted musings you'd care to share from your watching of the "most-watched television series of all time?"


  1. Sorry, skipping spoilers since I won't see this until the season is over.

  2. It was an OK episode. A couple years ago it would take a whole season to cross the sea but they're in a hurry now.

  3. I really should start watching this show. If only it wouldn't take so long to catch up.

  4. It was interesting that The Hound took the trouble of burying the father and daughter. It did show a after side to him.

  5. They are setting up this season as Tyrion vs. Cersei - The War to Win Jaime's Heart. My guess is Tyrion will win and Jaime will kill Cersei but it may not happen until the finale. In fact they may hold off until next season. They are running out of charismatic bad 'guys' like Cersei and the white walkers don't talk.

    I found it intersting how they parelleled how Jon and Arya handled punishment of offspring. These two were very close when they lived in Winterfell but how will he react when he finds out what Arya did to the Frey children. The show went out of its way for Jon to state ... 'don't hold the sons responsible for the sins of the father' yet she killed dozens of men in cold blood. The scene with Arya and the Lannister youth may start the softening of her heart. It would be nice to see her choose to turn north but I have a suspicion she will end up with Dany's army instead.

    Speaking of that scene, people are freaking out about Ed Sheeran but I thought it was entirely appropriate. The only reason some feel it was out of place is because they recognized him. Did anyone care that Sigur Ros were the musicians at the Purple Wedding? No, because most people don't follow indie rock. The scene and Sheeran were fine.

    1. I heard a defense of Arya's mass killing that I hadn't considered. She watched her father's execution but even worse sight might have been seeing Walder Frey's kids attach Grey Wind's head on her brother's body. It's one thing to kill in battle but quite another to dishonor the dead. It makes her act more understandable. I do hope Arya turns back before getting to King's Landing as it might be hard to come back from another such killing.

  6. The Hound haunted by the evil deed he had performed -- that really was a good development. I especially like how people are brought back one way or the other to the evil or good deeds they've committed.

    And yes, you're so right about those ships. In an age of no power tools, all those suckers would have taken years to build. Also, where did they find the wood and other raw materials? And since that clan is terrible at being merchants or getting along with anyone, where did they get all the linen or cotton or even wool for the massive sails? That area of the north has always been shown as being so bleak and rocky, there's no way they had these resources.

    And don't even get me started on the Dothrakis and how they're often shown living in empty desert areas where there are no visible signs of water, no grass for the horses, nothin'! Even lizards would have trouble getting by in such locals, but thousands of people live in them?

    But my nitpicking aside, I really enjoy the episodes and Sunday's premier.