Monday, June 6, 2016

Olenna Tyrell had the best lines in The Broken Man but Lyanna Mormont stole the show in A Game of Thrones.

I really love grandmother Olenna Tyrell. She's wise, knows how to play the Game of Thrones, and isn't afraid to speak
her mind. Her conversation with Cersei was probably one of the best written that the series has to offer.
So after watching "The Broken Man" on Game of Thrones last night, I'm pleased that the Hound is still with us. "You must be here for a purpose," a priest says to Sandor Clegane. But what purpose? Many readers of the books think it has to do with Cersei's impending "trial by combat" and the fact that her champion will be "The Mountain" and the faith's champion will be "The Hound." It's long been a speculation swirling on the internet. I don't know if I ever really bought into it, or thought that would even be a fair fight (given that I think The Mountain is pretty much unkillable in his undead state). But if anyone ever stood a chance against The Mountain, it's The Hound. Maybe The Mountain is super flammable (a thing that all undead on the show seem to be). If that's true, then that's a weakness The Hound could theoretically exploit (if he even figures out what has happened to his brother). However, it also presents its own set of problems though because the Hound is afraid of fire.

But in my opinion the real star of tonight's episodes were the castles that we got to see. The Mormont castle ruled by a very plucky girl who could devote as much as 62 of her house soldiers to the Stark cause to take back Winterfell was absolutely gorgeous. Next to a waterfall, it reminded me a little of a cross between Winterfell and Rivendell. Add to this the fact that we got to see Riverrun (as beautiful as ever), and the Tarley castle in the previous episode, and I think the only thing left that I really really long to see is Highgarden. It's supposed to be surrounded in fields of roses (and I love roses) and as the seat of one of the greatest houses in Westeros I'm sure it's going to be spectacular.

With the passing of tonight's episode, I think there are only 18 more left in the entire series. The end is coming quick, and I'm curious as to how they plan to tie up all the storylines. Did you have a particular piece from tonight's episode that you liked?

My random observations: I so want Lyanna Mormont to get together with Rickon Stark. I think that's a match made in heaven.

I hope that Arya's storyline doesn't end with her dying due to her wounds inflicted by the Waif. Her storyline has been boring, and she needs to kill the Waif. I think that would please the Many-Faced God and me at the same time.

The Blackfish has no fear of Lannisters. Telling Jaime off and not really caring what happened to Edmure Tulley was very fun.

Sansa is calling for Littlefinger. Oy...I wonder if that's a good thing or not.


  1. Ok, wow. A bit early; where did you see this episode that has not aired yet here Cali? I still haven't watched all the episodes I've missed this season. Argh!

    Some day I will pull a dragon out of my non-esistent hat and blow up my TV ;)

    In the last episode I fully watched Tyrion let the dragons loose. Loved his line to Varys: "If I ever get an idea like that again, punch me in the face." Awesome!!!

  2. Since I don't have HBO, watched Preacher instead. Wicked little show. Digging the vampire.

  3. Am I the only person who hasn't watched any of it?


    I'd be shocked if Arya died. The show hasn't ever killed a main character without it having a purpose of creating a ripple effect somewhere else. If Arya dies, the entire storyline dies which is why I can't the point of GRRM spending time on this. My prediction is Arya will take the Waif's face and be allowed to leave. Did you see Arya's Assassin's Creed leap in the previews for next week? Great stunt work.

    One thing that continues to impress me is the quality of actors they get in this show. The actress that plays Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey )was just amazing. It's her first work according to IMDB and she really stole the show. It was just one scene but she was so mesmerizing I swear I could watch a spin off of her running Bear Island with her 62 soldiers.

    BTW, do you know the backstory behind Wun Wun's name? GRRM is a huge New York Giants football fan so when it came time to name the heroic giant in the series of course he thought about his favorite Giant on the gridiron, Phil Simms. Simms wore number 11 on the field or put another way ... One One ... Wun Wun. Do you ever put things like that into your stories?

  5. There's so much going on, too much in my opinion.