Monday, June 20, 2016

Here are all the wonderful documentaries I plan to watch during Shark Week

Shark Week starts Sunday, June 26th. Because I was needing to "decompress" from last night's episode of Game of Thrones called "Battle of the Bastards" I thought indulging my appetite for all things shark might get my mind off of all the horror...glorious horror...but horror nonetheless. To anyone that watched Game of Thrones last night, does Rickon seem like a tragic throw away character? Why? That whole story arc with him and Osha is so sad and pointless. It makes me want to scream, "ARRRGGGGHHHH!"

Anyway...back to Shark Week. The shows I'm interested in are as follows:

Tiger Beach, which premieres on Sunday, June 26th is all about Tiger sharks of course. I think the things that caught my eye on this description were "Violent Shark Sex." I mean...that has to be interesting, right?

The Return of Monster Mako is also on Sunday. This is just what it sounds like...a huge Mako shark (which are known for their speed). I doubt it's as big as the ones in Deep Blue Sea though.

Isle of Jaws (also on Sunday). This one follows scientists and marine biologists to an island where great white sharks might be mating (which is something of a mystery in the shark world). 

Shallow Water Invasion, Monday June 27th. This is a return to the famous Guadalupe Island where the biggest great white shark called "Deep Blue" was observed a couple years ago. Apparently, now scientists have observed that the Great Whites hunt in very shallow water. Which just further reinforces my belief that even wading in the ocean is asking for it.

Jaws of the Deep, Monday June 27th. This is all about "Deep Blue." This time the scientists find "Deep Blue" again and follow her around with robot cams. Seeing as she's the largest great white shark in the world (over 20 feet long), it looks really interesting and is the one that I'm most excited to see.

Wrath of the Great White Serial Killer, Tuesday June 28th. I'm interested in this one because I have some friends that call the Pacific Northwest home and this is all about how Great Whites have now taken up residence in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. It also will apparently explain why Great White sharks are warm-blooded.

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off. I've heard that sharks and dolphins battle each other, and that dolphins can use their pointed noses to hurt sharks by slamming them in the gills. Apparently, this particular documentary has some of that action on film, which will be really cool to watch.

Nuclear Sharks, Thursday, June 30th. Grandson of famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau takes a dive team to Bikini Atoll where they examine how the ocean has recovered after nuclear weapons tests happened above many decades ago. I'm hoping we get a shot of Godzilla.

The Killing Games, July 3rd. Scientists show film evidence of great whites coming out of the water to snatch prey from the shore. The tag line for this is "Sharks swim onto beach" along with a video clip. That is just so many nopes. But yeah, I'll watch it.

There are other documentaries airing that week, but I'm not as interested in those. However, if you'd like to see the full list, you can read about them HERE.


  1. Let me know if you see Godzilla.
    In sharks against dolphins, my money is on the dolphins.

  2. There are just so many possibilities with nuclear sharks. Meanwhile, go team Dolphins!

  3. Now, I want to watch all of these. That last one about sharks coming onto shore? For reals?

  4. I should have used a Jaws reference like You're going to need a bigger bowl of popcorn. Too late.

  5. I do find these shows fun, but people shouldn't be encouraged to kill sharks for sport. The oceans need them.

  6. Rikon does seem like a distraction.

    Not watching the sharks!

  7. A 20 foot great white? And great whites hunt in shallow waters? Damn. Don't think I'll ever swim alone at a beach again.

  8. I must ask my brother what he's been doing at work lately. I seem to recall that his company does some of the shark week programming (or ads for the programming).