Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Flash is turning in a spectacular season thus far so I want to know how do you think it will end?

The Flash is turning in a spectacular season. With only a few episodes left, the heroes, i.e., Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Catelyn Snow, Eddie Thawne, and Iris's father Joe are closing in on the evil Dr. Harrison Wells, a.k.a. the Reverse Flash. I have to admit that I originally thought that the Reverse Flash might not translate well to the small screen. But the CW has really pulled this villain off. He's legitimately scary, capable of doing the most evil things as long as they coincide with his own self interest. In a word: diabolical.

Last night's episode had some really great moments. First, I was glad to see that Iris became useful by spotting (correctly) that her boyfriend had been framed in the video because he's not left-handed. That was great. And I think that the chemistry between Barry and Eddie Thawne is actually creepily good, considering both of them are straight. Everytime Eddie and Barry get close and have a heated (full of feels) conversation I really want them to kiss. Seriously. You gotta be with me on this Sarah Falen.

Also, Cisco being such a huge fanboy for Laurel just adds to his charm. I was a little disappointed that Laurel only hooked him up with a pic of them together ala Black Canary costume. Keeping the picture in the envelope might have been better. It would have allowed us sketchy types out here in the universe to thinking that she gave him nude pics (hey I can't help where my mind goes...)

So here's the thing. I think that the team of heroes is in an even more dangerous situation than they even realize right now (which would be par for the course because Barry got duped by the shapechanging guy disguised as Eddie Thawne when he knew Eddie Thawne was in police custody). Wells is this super villain and he's literally gathered an army of supervillains under one roof that he could release all at once if he wanted to. Everybody in the building, possibly in the city, might just be screwed.

What do you guys think (obviously if you are watching the show)? Is the season finale going to be an all out bad guy bash with the cell doors popping open all over S.T.A.R. Labs and unleashing fury on Central City? Or do you think it will be a one on one showdown between Barry and the Reverse Flash? It's not like we'll be in suspense for long because the end is coming soon.


  1. I think a face-off is inevitable. Although they might throw in a bit of both.

  2. You'd think Grodd will have to be involved in the end somehow. Maybe they'll end it with Barry somehow changing history to bring his mother back to life.

  3. Only watched the first three episodes and didn't stay with it. Glad you're enjoying it, though.

  4. It's building really nicely, despite their moments of pure sap. If Wells and Barry square off, what happens season 2? Although I hope they don't draw it out. And bring back Spartacus! (he was the weather dude)

  5. If you had told me 6 months ago that i would enjoy Flash more than Arrow, i would have thought you were crazy.
    But man, Flash has just been steadily increasing in it's awesomeness. And it's not that Arrow's bad, because it's not, it's just not holding it's own in comparison with Flash.
    And yes. I could stand to have some kissing.

    1. I could photoshop them kissing. I should do that. It could be a pet project.

  6. Darn, I don't watch the show but you make it sound so good and well plotted! I can really see how watching certain shows as seriously as you do and analyzing their stories and characters can lead to seriously good writing. But then, I've already seen how you have some fine ideas about Sleepy Hollow.

  7. Did you see the i09 article about how the characters were all stupid in this episode? I agree with the part about Barry letting Eddie in the house even when he knew he was in custody. He knew there was a shapeshifter around!

    I had not thought about all the villains in STAR labs. Yikes. That's not a wrinkle that occurred to me. I bet they do release them, though.