Friday, May 4, 2012

Slipstream Blog Tour Day One

Today, I'm over at Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog. Please visit me there. :))) I'm giving out fun prizes like a crystal spider and an Amazon gift card as part of my book promotion tour.

The Insanity of Zero Part One
The Insanity of Zero Part Two

And here is part Three...

A woman asked to see me.  I instructed my machines to bring her to the dome and I watched her approach with catlike trepidation. I don’t know what I expected.  Perhaps, there was a part of me that believed that this meeting would be just another failure, just as it had been in prior encounters with humans that sought to communicate with me.  Nevertheless, I held out hope.
I introduced myself; her name was Eve.  She had long brown hair, green eyes, and dark skin.  She wore a dirty yellow dress and black shoes.  Eve was escorted into my chamber through the iris valve and approached the silver chair in which I sat contemplating the fate of the world. 
“You lack vision,” she said.
“How so?”
“Humans cannot be treated like pets.  People need to feel important and they desire achievement.  They need to feel that they are the ones in control, that their decisions matter.  You’re failing at this and I thought you’d like to know.”
“Thank you, but how am I supposed to know what it is to be human when I’m obviously anything but human?”
“I’ve no idea,” she said.  “But you need to learn for the sake of everyone.  That is, if you truly care.”
“I do care.”
          She did not speak for some time.  Instead she studied me and I found this fascinating.  “Why did all of this happen?” Eve asked.

Read Part 4 HERE.


  1. And your post is live! Goatzilla has his first challenger as well.

  2. Of course her name is Eve!! I am wondering about the symbolism of her dirty yellow dress.

  3. Great Michael, I am on the way over to Alex's place...

  4. @Moody: Thank you mood. Also I appreciate the fact you added my book cover to your sidebar.

    @Alex: The amount of traffic you get on a Friday is staggering.

    @Brinda: Yellow is the color of the sun!

    @A Daft Scots Lass: Thank you.

    @David P. King: Awwwh Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, it has gay characters. I don't want you to have shell shock and be like "OMG what are these two guys doing?!"

    @Slamdunk: Thanks!

  5. Love it. Can't wait for the rest. Heading to Alex's now. (:

  6. I want to know what ZERO says! :)

    Already stopped by Alex's.

  7. but wait... I thought there was a communication issue...?
    Goes back to reread...

    >waves hand in air again<
    I really want that spider...

  8. Your post at Alex's was hilarious.

  9. Love it. I'm hooked and dying to read more. :)

  10. Congrats on your book release. I am off to visit Alex's blog, but will be back to catch up on Insanity of Zero.

  11. Ooooh! Want to know what happens next. It's so true that to keep people happy, you have to make them feel important.

  12. @Elise: Thanks for being so supportive.

    @Cherie: I'll post it on Monday.

    @Andrew: You always confuse me.

    @Matt: Thank you sir

    @Mina: Oooh...I hope you come back Monday

    @Susan: Thank you.

    @Misha: I think so. I could be wrong though.

  13. I'm really enjoying The IOZ! I also really enjoyed your comment on EJ Wesley's blog :)

  14. come back, Mikey, I've just published a new post with a blond god showing pubes :)

    Very much excited about your blogtour! I shall try to follow it as much as possible1

  15. Loved your post over @ the AC (what I'm now calling his blog because he's so damned cool).

    Loved the excerpt as well, but totally disagree: People make great pets, just ask my dogs. : )

  16. I just commented on Alex's blog. That was an awesome post!

    Eve. Will there be an Adam, then?

  17. Both posts were great. I really like the story.

  18. I came here through Alex's blog. Great post and congrats on the book release! I'm interested in checking it out right after I finish CassaStar.

  19. Loved your witty comments on how to write a populat book over on Alex's blog. The excerpt you posted is interesting. Good luck with your tour.

  20. Cool tour... loved your tips on Alex's blog:)

  21. Awesome, Mike. I'm reading Slipstream right now, and it's great! I'll follow the blog tour, but with a leery eye to avoid spoilers.


  22. Intriguing story! And loved your post at Alex's blog today!

  23. @Jess: Oh I'm so glad. Muchos gracias lady.

    @Dezmond: Okay. But I hold you responsible for anything that happens.

    @E.J.: Oh I will have two AC's to watch...Alex Cavanaugh and Anderson Cooper.

    @Southpaw: Thank you

    @Eagle: No Adam. I could only do so much allegory.

    @Tonja: Thank you

    @Michael Pierce: Thank you sir. I'll be sure to follow you back.

    @Francene: Thank you :))

    @T.F. Walsh: I loved your pictures from your trip to the U.S. I'm so jealous! I'm gonna have to visit

    @Reinhardt: You honor me by saying that :)

    @Tyrean: Thank you. I'm a documented smartass.

  24. I was a day late visiting you there due to lack of internet... but I got there :)

    Hope your amazon winnings were mahoooosive!

  25. excited for you! i read charity's review and it was fabulous! yay!

  26. Forgot to say your list at Alex's blog was funny. Now I'm putting 7 and 7 together. Or was that an accident?

  27. I read all the parts of the story - interesting and intriguing, and some other posts as well, the one about Pixar and the colour yellow...does Eve's dress have a connection to that?
    Good luck with the book and tour.
    Couldn't read your post on Alex's blog. I get a malaware alert and chrome cuts off access, same at Cherie's site.
    About G.R.R.Martin (what's the fascination of epic fantasy writer with initials), his books are more like historical novels with a sprinkling of mythological magic. I found the novelised Alexander The Great trilogy by Italian historian Valerio Manfredi a more interesting read.

  28. @Laura: Amazon winnings? *scratches head. Not sure what you mean. I didn't win anything from Amazon. But I'm giving away a $5 gift card. :))

    @Tara: Charity is fabulous. A review from her then is "fan-tabulous" which is a combination of the words fantastic and fabulous. Trust me...the whole world knows this. If you look up the word "fan-tabulous" there's a picture of Charity Bradford.

    @Sher: That depends on how you do the math dearie :P

    @Rek: Eve's dress doesn't have an intentional connection to Wall-E as I wrote the story years ago and the post on yellow for A to Z in April. Thank you for wishing me luck on my book tour. I too got the malware alert on Alex's blog. I think he's got an ad or some pic or something that triggers it just by going to the site. Something is "phisshy".

    And regarding G.R.R. Martin, I'm going to disagree with the historical novel with just a sprinkling of mythological magic. George has pulled out whatever he has wanted, whenever he has wanted in the books. We've had people come back from the dead. We've had dragons. We've had a woman survive fire that should have incinerated her. We've had a boy that can essentially send his spirit to any tree or animal on the planet. We've had a woman birth a demon that can kill anyone. And the list goes on and on. So may seem like magic is sparse, but he breaks out some really powerful stuff at a whim.

  29. Eve is right about people.

    I hope you have a fantastic tour.

  30. I'm so excited about the blog tour!

    I just put up your guest post and shared it on Facebook. You made it so freakin' easy. Thanks!