Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm chatting with a Psychiatrist today and a blog award

Today is the final day of my blog tour. I'm spending it with a Psychiatrist by the name of Laura Diamond. Do I need a psychiatrist after all this blogging? Probably. I hope you come along and read my post HERE. As the British would's truly mental.

I've been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award. As far as pictures go, this award is pretty plain. I received it from Speculative Fiction blogger Angeline Trevena last Friday. You can find her blog HERE.

Thank you very much Angeline (that satisfies the first of four rules).

So in order to accept this award the rules are:

1) Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award.
2) Answer the ten questions below.
3) Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself.
4) Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

1) What is your favourite song? Mexico by Jump Little Children. It's a pretty old song, but I love it and listen to it occasionally thinking of how wonderful California Bay must be and dreaming of sitting there watching the sun go down.
2) What is your favourite dessert? A baked Alaska.

3) What ticks you off? Having dad drop a steaming pile of emotional poop on me, and I have to clean it up. Explanation: my father is borderline senile with hoarding/can't let go of anything issues and mother is in assisted living. So I regularly get strange emails and nonsensical/emotional voice mails or phone calls in the middle of the night. And it ticks me off because I wish I had the lives of people that know only "good times and noodle salad" (click play below for the reference to this).
4) When you're upset what do you do? I eat and watch t.v. which is why I have a weight problem. I'm trying to deal with this.

5) Which is/was your favourite pet? I don't keep pets.

6) Which do you prefer black or white? I prefer white.

7) What is your biggest fear? It took me a long time to gain my financial independence. I think my greatest fear would be to lose this financial independence and be forced to live under an insane overlord.

8) What is your attitude mostly? I've been told that troubles roll off my back similar to water off the back of a duck.

9) What is perfection? A word that Stephanie Meyer used way too much in describing Edward. It provided no detail so it really gave you no image. Just that he was "perfect" whatever that means.

10) What is your guilty pleasure? Reading erotica.

Ten "not so" random things (because I thought about them:

1) I'm 40.
2) I like fine dining, video games, movies, and television.
3) I'll read almost anything.
4) I like blonds.
5) Blue is my favorite color.
6) I think British accents are sexy.
7) I keep porn on my iPad.
8) I get most of my porn from tumblr which is why tumblr is le awesome. Yes...I don't go there to follow writers. I go there to get me some porn.
9) I'm a democrat.
10) Contrary to Ann Coulter's views, I pay taxes, and don't live in my parent's basement.

Seven worthy blogs that I shall bless with a work of this magnitude:
1) The Best of Everything
2) P.T. Dilloway
3) StrangePegs
4) The Chubby Chatterbox
5) Charity's Writing Journey
6) Paper Mountain
7) Morgan Shamy


  1. Congratulations. And I'm glad to know you still find time to write even with all that porn you're looking at!

  2. Your honesty is always refreshing.

  3. Good to know you don't live in a basement!

  4. Thanks for participating; it's a bit of a mammoth rule list with this award!

    Are all British accents sexy?! They vary wildly, and I don't think mine is considered very sexy (look up Devon accent on YouTube or something!)

  5. You're an interesting man, Michael. And I'd never heard that song before. I kinda like it. Obviously 'cause it has Mexico in it. And three of my writer buds write erotica. I especially think you'll like Sloan's blog. Check it out.

  6. You're 40???????????? I'm only 2 21s.

    I read your other post this morning. So well written.

  7. I'm surprised by 1, I thought we were about the same age. I approve of 2 (minus the games), 4 (my fave), 6 (I speak British LOL), 7 (warmly approved), 8 (warmly approved too), 9 (fine with me)....

  8. Wait, there's porn on tumblr? I've been on there a year and never seen any. Must be using the wrong search strings.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  9. I read one erotica book and I giggled the whole time. I think I'm too immature for that sort of reading. :)

  10. Yeah for erotica!
    Wait, you're 40? I could have sworn you were what, 15, 16 tops. You know, a few years older than me. (;

  11. Congratulations on the award. It is pretty neat. I remember getting one some time ago. I guess you have to be creative with your writing to get one. Enjoy!

  12. Congratulations on the award!

    And basements are creepy. I don't know why people would want to live in them.

    Heading to Laura's.

  13. Ok, so now I understand a lot more about you and my mind is still processing this information. Reading your book now and from the answers to the questions above, to be honest...I had another person in mind..LOL!

  14. Hey Michael, I've started something new and spotlighting a new author and their book(s) each week at the top of my blog. You're the first. I'll keep it up all next week. Good luck to you and sales of Slipstream!

  15. LMAO@ 7) I keep porn on my iPad.

  16. See! You do like blonds! And you laughed at me when I said that! It's good to see you admit it. :P

    And thanks for the shout out! I'll have to figure out if I can put a StrangePegs spin on it, though.

  17. Hmmm... I wonder if you could get free therapy through the guise of researching a novel? "I have this friend, I mean, character, not me, who has this problem, and, um, I'm wondering if you can suggest a way for me, I mean, him, to work through his dilemma...."

  18. Wait wait wait. Wait. You're 40?! Dude, i would've never guessed that!
    And also, i had no clue there was porn on tumblr. I actually don't know much about tumblr and have no idea how one would go about looking for porn on it.
    Also, i've never had baked alaska.

  19. Interesting, very very interesting. LOL. I'm finally getting around to reading blogs today, and look what I find.

    I've never had baked Alaskan, and Number 9 had me laughing. Amen to that one!

    Thanks, I'll get my questions answered and schedule it to go up in a few weeks when I'm at Cub Scout camp all week. It's good to have a post laid out for me. :)

  20. Mmmmmm...baked alaska! I knew you were a foodie when I saw those kitchens over at Michael's!

    I'm laughing at #7 & 8 too. LOL!

  21. One of my local friends earns a good living off writing erotica ... makes me think I should switch genres. lol

  22. Once you get to know people you find, "noodles and potato salad" doesn't exist - for the vast majority anyway. But I'm sorry about your parents.

  23. LOL! Wow, that was a pretty in-depth session! I don't have any porn on my iPad, not unless you count the many, many enormous dongs I draw while playing Draw Something with friends.

  24. Congratulations on the award!

    I've heard some writers of YA are advised to describe their male protagonists a certain way to appeal to the widest audience. Maybe "perfect" was a way of trying to get around that?

  25. Hi, Mike,
    Your guilty pleasure doesn't sound so guilty since it's so out in the open.

    i can only imagine how rough it must be sometimes dealing with both your parents' illnesses.

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Sounds like you shocked everyone with your age. But forty is FABULOUS! That's when I changed my life and I never looked back. I think British accents are sexy too and science which is why I would marry Brian Cox in an instant- except he's probably a bit young for me... Cheers!

  27. Congrats on the award... Sorry to hear about the emotional baggages from your parents... mine live pretty close and I have a lot of emotional stuff to deal with them too... I liked the video snippet a lot:) From a great movie of course.

  28. It ain't all noodle salad. There are dark times too. Sometimes you have to choose to rise above it all and make the noodles (from scratch) yourself. Don't take that wrong, I never lie, but there are stories 'between the lines', also.

  29. I think everyone thinks everyone else is happy, but they aren't, they're just good at faking it. What's noodle salad?

  30. LOVE your answers- you are refreshingly frank. Off to visit you on your last stop. And finally - your book is at the top of my TBRemergency pile. I know what I'm doing this weekend.
    Laura xxx

  31. An insane overlord. haha You are too funny. Let's hope we don't go back to the Kings and peasants days. But *shruggs* I'm already a King, so I wouldn't have to worry one bit.

  32. You are NOT forty. I don't believe it, LOL.

    Congrats on the well-deserved award and achieving financial independence.
    good for you!

  33. Thanks for the laugh I've always wanted a noodle salad life, too! Glad to see I'm not the only one!

  34. Sorry about the familial emotional stuff you have to deal with. It's a whole big type of icky that I sympathize with.

  35. Honesty, that's a fresh approach. :) I can relate to the emotional dumping. It's tough. I'm headed over now.

  36. Congrats on the award! I agree with your comment about Edward. Stephenie Meyer described everything in exhaustive detail, except for that. What made him so damn perfect?

  37. I would say lose the porn addiction and your life will change because you will.

  38. What a great insight into you! Nice also to see that someone else uses Tumblr the same way I do :)

  39. Oh, is that what Tumblr's about? I haven't been able to figure that out.