Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop ends today

Hello everyone.  This is a friendly reminder that all entries to the giveaways for Sarah Belliston's 12 Days of Christmas blog hop will end tonight at midnight. The winners will all be announced on her blog according the schedule posted below. Additionally, for my particular giveaway, I shall name the person on December 22nd. Prior to this (at midnight tonight) I will be notifying Sarah with the winner's name.

Thanks everyone for participating. If you have not entered, you should do so by clicking on the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop button on the left.

DEC 13 - Jaime Morrow

DEC 14 - Tessa Elwood

DEC 15 - Lisha Cauthen

DEC 16 - Morgan Shamy

DEC 17 - Rachel Bateman

DEC 18 - Carrie Butler

DEC 19 - Jess Melendez

DEC 20 - Charity Bradford

DEC 21 - Athena Franco

DEC 22 - Michael Offutt

DEC 23 - Cherie Stewart

DEC 24 - Suze Reese

DEC 25 - Santa

Have a great Monday.


  1. Seems there are a few of these going on right now. I'm participating in one that kicked off today, although prizes are awarded after Christmas.

  2. I wasn't aware of this one. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Thanks Michael. I hope your Monday goes well as well.

  4. Didn't enter the blog hop, but I did add your novel to my "to be read" pile on Goodreads. Thanks for the cookies. :)

  5. Super excited! I've met some awesome bloggers on this bloghop. Can't wait to see the winners :)

  6. Wow. Perfect timing. I just barely launched a blog hop today! :)

  7. Santa has a blog? Wonder if he's on Facebook, too.

  8. I entered and found some great new blogs to follow. Thanks, Michael!

  9. Sounds great.

    As for the comment you left on my blog, you're right, the last two were not that cheap. I guess though for non-fiction, it's not too bad.

  10. I'm so sorry for my absence. What a great blog hop. Lynn Rush is running one tomorrow that I'm participating in. Good luck to everyone! I'm looking forward to the post from Santa.

  11. man, christmas time is crazy in the blogosphere

  12. How fun, giving away all those cool prizes. In a prior post, I tried to go to the link to wish the twins a Merry Christmas, but I wasn't able to connect. I tried several times, but it wasn't happening. If you go back to to their site, please tell them Lynn Kelley wishes them showers of Christmas blessings. Thanks, Michael!

  13. Great. I didn't know about this one either. These are a great idea.

  14. Gack...I can't keep track of all these blog fests, but thanks for the info as always.