Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 2012 Song Of Ice And Fire Calendar

When I came across these last night in my internet wanderings I knew I had to blog about them. I love art so much and George R.R. Martin has enraptured some of the most outstanding artists in the industry. So without further are the likenesses of the characters in his epic and I have to say, they match what I've been visualizing all along in my head. I can also pick out every scene...

For fans of the series, I'm not going to post any names. You can guess who they are in the comments.










If you make a guess, just indicate the number and list who you think it is. I'll tell you which ones you got wrong (if any). Also note that some have more than one character. To get it have to name both. Other than that, just enjoy the great art. I know I do. I'm so going to buy this calendar in December.

The artist's name is John Picacio.


  1. What, no naked dragons or anything? I wonder if dragon porn exists? Probably, it is the Internet after all. I can't make any guesses because I haven't read/watched any of it.

  2. Wow. This is some awesome art.

    1) Arya.
    2) Bran.
    3) Dany.
    4) Ned.
    5) Jamie.
    6) John.
    7) Melisande.
    8) Robb.
    9) The Hound.
    10) The Mountain that Rides.
    11) An Other (I don't know what they had to change that to White Walkers in the show).
    12) Tyrion. I like him with a beard.

  3. Matt: Great job but on 10 who is the guy dressed in red with the spear? It takes place in A Feast of Crows so you may not know yet.

    And on 9 you got the Hound right but who's the helpless girl he's smiling at? Major point-of-view character.

    Everything else dead-on.

  4. Haven't read the books, but thought I'd make horribly wrong guesses with characters from other series.

    1 Hermonie Granger
    2 Edward Cullen
    3 Mia Thermopolis
    4 Boromir
    5 King Arthur
    6 Van Helsing
    7 Dracula's Bride
    8 Faramir
    9 Harvey Dent &
    10 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    11 Legolas!
    12 Dumbledore?

  5. Hold on . . . let me just stop laughing at Steph's comment...

    That's better.

    Anyone would think you're after commission for finding Pic of the Week artists, lol. I love this guy. He has some very cool work on his website too. I'm not going to try and name them because - er - yeah, I haven't read the book (I know this means I have A LOT of reading to do). So instead, I'm going to agree with Steph :)

  6. I was just going to say "neat pictures," and comment that number 3 is hot, but then I saw Rogue's comment about Dragon Porn, and I think that would make an excellent post for Michael to do.

  7. Having not read the books, I can't be sure, but #3 looks like Christina Applegate and #12 has to be the Geico caveman guy.

  8. Kidding aside... they are lovely.

  9. Love the art! Two of the pictures actually remind me of my own characters. ^_^ Now you can have fun wondering which ones. Ha! ;-P

  10. Amazing work.I love these pictures. I have not read the series yet, so I can not begin to guess, but with characters like those, I am ready to read.

    @Steph - Wicked FUNNY!! (I agree with your answers!)

  12. I have no guesses at all, but those pictures are very cool. Thanks for sharing them!

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  13. I'm too lazy to post guesses, actually, I thought I did yesterday, clearly, I was wrong. But I think I got them all. These are beautiful pictures though. Jamie looks a bit more different from my imagination than any of the others. Something feels off about that one.

  14. I hadn't read it yet at the time, but I now know that's Oberyn. That scene really pissed me off.

  15. 1) Arya and needle
    2)Bran and his friend crows or the 3eyed crow
    3)Daenarys and silver
    4)It looks like bronn buts its Ned and his sword Ice
    5)Jaime lannister in his gold armor
    6)Jon Snow.Ghost and mormonts raven
    8)Robb and OMG hes hot
    9)the hound and sansa
    10)The mountain
    11)lol its the paedo viserys na jokes its a white walker.

  16. oh and 11)tyrions the dwarf