Friday, June 12, 2020

Can we discuss why J.K. Rowling feels it's necessary to weigh in on trans topics?

Look, I admire J.K. Rowling's story, and I know she's a hero to a lot of people out there. But I'm honestly flabbergasted as to why she feels the need to weigh in on any topics that don't have to do with Harry Potter or her other writings. Why on earth is she saying any of the stuff that she's said about transgender individuals? She could just keep her opinion to herself, and avoid media firestorms.

It's clear where she stands. It was clear some time ago even before this latest tweet about "people who menstruate" versus "having a word for that at one point in time." If you were that rich and that famous, would you sit around talking about those topics on twitter? I know I wouldn't. I don't talk on twitter much now. Well...and as of this writing...she has now posted an essay justifying her thoughts on this on her blog right HERE. Seriously, this is a complete mess.

So those few of you who read my blog still...please educate me in the comments. Why is J.K. doing this? Why do you think she needs to weigh in on the transgender debate? As far as I know, she has very little queer representation at all in her books, so why talk about it now?

Let's discuss, and have a good weekend. 


  1. No idea. I was hesitant to write Black Lives Matter on my blog, so I wouldn't even dream of mentioning trans issues.

  2. My books deal with transgender issues and I don't talk about transgender issues on social media. But maybe when you have all that success you start thinking you know more than you know, see Donald Trump.