Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sadly, the sign on the Godzilla busting nuke in the latest trailer is very believable

Unless you were living under a rock yesterday, you saw the second Godzilla trailer launch online and then deluge the entire internet with speculation over new monsters by kaiju-crazed nerds (raises hand). The one thing that stuck in my craw though was this screen cap of a Godzilla-busting nuke. Yes, that's a sticker on it that basically says "this is to kill Godzilla."

Folks we live in a world where peanut butter has a label on it that says "this product was made in a factory that handles peanuts." And yes, we live in a world where "hot coffee" has a product warning on it saying that "contents may be very hot." So is it really a stretch to imagine a world with a Godzilla running around in it where weapons like the one above, might draw some confusion by those using it?

Just imagine the dialogue:

Beffudled American: "Are we supposed to hit ourselves with this, captain?"

Answer: "No, you need to aim it at the enormous creature knocking over the Golden Gate bridge."

Beffuddled American scratches head and says, "Oh. Okay."

One could say it's "tongue in cheek" but with the U.S. ranking 30 globally for students in mathematics, 23 in science, and 19 in reading I can't really argue with this. Sadly, the sign on the Godzilla busting nuke in the trailer is very believable.


  1. Actually writing or drawing on bombs is a long standing tradition, just like putting the name of a plane on its nose. They usually write stuff like "Death From Above" or something that uses a lot of nasty language. I'm sure the bomb crews wrote something on the nukes dropped on Japan in 1945. That's what the symbol means.

  2. I'm way more excited for this movie than I probably should be. That's what happens when you discover giant monster movies at the rental store as a kid. :)

  3. We're not the brightest.
    Beyond excited for this. Dug Godzilla ever since I lived in Japan.

  4. Education ratings usually relate to the importance a country gives to educating its children and young adults.

    In Vancouver, our provincial government is accused of trying to provoke our teachers into a strike situation. A judge didn't believe the govt. argument, nor do I.

  5. I guess I'm the only one not holding my breath for this.

  6. HA! You crack me up. I'm not really a monster movie fan, but I am definitely a smartass fan. Love the observation.

  7. I've been away and haven't seen this trailer, but I'm off to U-tube it.

  8. I always knew I lived under a rock.

    What's scarier than the sign on the nuke is the word I've seen on real nuke missiles: RAYTHEON - the corporation that makes them and pushes the military to buy more and more even though we'd only have to use a few to blow us all into non-existence. Money and nukes is the real monster.

    And if Americans were smarter they'd be raising hell about this. Imagine if we spent that money on schools instead.

  9. This movie is shaping up pretty well. Have high hopes (so far).

    Moody Writing

  10. Pat already said what I was going to. I know they write or draw pictures on bombs like this. It's not a sign of stupidity.

  11. had no idea Bryan Cranston was in the movie. I never watched Breaking Bad, but I really liked him as Hal in Malcom in the middle

  12. I truly hope this one is better than the 1998 Godzilla. The trailer looks pretty awesome...but so was the last one. Fingers crossed.

  13. Was I under a rock on Tuesday? Yes, as a matter of fact, I was. (Stupid cold!)

    I guess we must never overestimate our fellow countrymen, eh?

  14. I'm still pretty excited about Gozirrah!


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