Monday, August 26, 2013

Debut author CD Coffelt tells us about Wilder Mage and why you should buy it first thing Friday.

I've got some blogger news I want to touch on this Monday. First off, my blogging friend Carol (known as C.D. Coffelt a.k.a. Huntress who runs the blog Spirit Called is putting out her very first book.

Huntress is a fantastic writer. I've followed herfor over a year now, and this debut offering looks exceptionally exciting. I can't wait to read it. So without further ado, here is what the book is about:
This cover is very exciting

Justus Aubre is a wilder: a mage unbound to the Imperium and therefore a dangerous wild card in their eyes. The Imperium wants him, wants his power, but Justus has hidden for many years and now has some semblance of a normal life. All that’s about to change when Sable Rounds walks through the door of his antique shop looking for work. Justus instantly knows what Sable is, he just doesn’t know the danger he’s in.

Alone, also on the run from the Imperium, Sable longs for a normal life. For somewhere to belong. She finds this when Justus hires her, but she knows it’s temporary and fragile, an illusion. Though she hates to think about it, she knows that one day she will have to move on.
The Imperium is always behind her, waiting. When they finally find Sable, they find Justus. And all hell’s about to break loose.

Doesn't that sound intriguing?

My friend C.D. Coffelt lives outside Maryville, Missouri with a bemused husband and way too many cats. She adores all things fantasy with a special love for urban and epic.
With a passion for good writing and Doritos as companions, locating Middle-Earth on a dusty road in rural Missouri wasn’t difficult. All it took was a little Magic, hours of reading, and an overactive imagination.

"Wilder Mage" is due to be released this Friday (that's the actual day of my move to my new apartment). I unfortunately will be away from the internet as I'm canceling the one to set up the other. I want to get satellite television and go cable for my internet so there's probably going to be some downtime while I wait for that to happen.

Please check out CD Coffelt (Huntress) in the following areas:

I will be away from my computer until the September edition of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Hopefully at that time, I'll be back online. I appreciate those of you who have sent me emails querying how things are going. As any of you who have moved, you know it's stressful. I've got 70% of my apartment all packed up and the big day is Friday. I just hope I don't forget to cancel anything and get all the addresses changed. much to remember.


  1. *So" excited for Huntress:)

    She has been an amazing blogger friend and it's sooooo neat to see her dream come to fruition :)

    Well played, Huntress, well played:)

  2. Awesome sounding book.

    Best of luck, Mike. Hope everything with the move goes well.

  3. Been a fan of CD's for a couple years now and she rocks!
    Make yourself a checklist for Friday - you'll be fine.

  4. Very cool premise for Wilder Mage. Good luck to CD Coffelt!

    Also, take it easy during the move. That sounds like an oxymoron statement...I know. We'll be glad to have you back in Sept.

  5. Does sound like a very cool book. Best of luck to you, CD!

    And best of luck to you, Michael, with your move. The last time I moved, it took me a while afterward to remember all the things (addresses) that needed changing. It was mostly "Hey, why didn't that thing come this week?" followed by "Oh. Right."

  6. Having read the rough draft I can tell you Huntress' first book is a great one! I loved it :)

    Good luck with your move, Michael.

  7. Imagine how great you'll feel once you're all done and dusted. Then you'll just have the unpacking to do...

  8. @Mark - I'm living my dream every day. Thx. You are the best.
    @Misha - Thx. I cross your path often in the blogosphere
    @Alex - My Captain, my friend
    @Brinda - Enjoyed hearing from you. Checking out your site next.
    @MJ - Thank you. Right now, I'm going through the town of Sleepless Nights and heading toward All Things Chocolate.
    @Marcy - Love you much, friend. Nuff said

  9. Moving is a crazy time. It's been thirty years since my last one and I still wake up screaming.

    Thanks Michael for the shout out.

  10. Moving is such a pain in the ass. It's funny the first 23 years I never moved and then the next 12 I moved like 6 times. Hopefully this is the last time you have to do it for a while.

  11. Hope the move goes well and missed you. I love Carol's book when it comes to the exciting story. But I'm not feeling the cover. Yet the lightning (magic) is nice.

  12. Yes, it sounds intriguing and I'll be checking it out.

  13. I think rma Bombeck said it best: War is hell, but moving is worse.

  14. C.D.,
    Nice to meet you. Your book sounds as though it's chock full of excitement.

    Mike, keeping my fingers crossed for you that all goes well.

  15. @Sheena-kay - It's hard to see, but there's a hooded man in the dark spot. You can just see his nose and chin in the original image.
    @Em-Musing - I hope you do too.
    @J.L. - Thanks. I am loving it.

  16. I'm so happy for CD!

    Michael, good luck with your move. It's stressful, but soon it'll all be behind you.

  17. That book sounds kick ass. Plus, she's a fellow Missourian.

    Hope things are going well for you!

  18. @Liz *waves*
    @Jay - Thanks! and yes us Missourians should stick together.

  19. Moving is always stressful, take care of you!

    Way to go Huntress!

    and you for such wonderful author support!

  20. Woo, book! Congratulations, CD!

    Michael, good luck with your move. I've just gone through that myself and am apparently internet-less for a week. WHATEVER SHALL I DO!

  21. Surprised (and happy!!) to see a post here! Thanks for the great intro - and good luck with everything!

  22. Good luck with your move. Glad that CD has a book coming out too. Exciting times.

  23. Yay CD; nice to see this debut.

    Mike; I moved this weekend - put a lot more in storage than I expected and still have too little space for all that makes up my life. I feel for you - like, in actual burises, lol.

    Take it easy if you can. Good luck with all the details. I've been away from the blogs myself, so I hope this move means you found a home to purchase and you will be happier in your new digs.

    Later Hon


  24. Sable Rounds is such a great fictitious name! Good luck with the launch.

  25. @Yolanda - Thx. And a big round of applause goes to Michael!
    @Callie - Thanks! It's been a helluva ride!
    @Rusty - A lot of folks that started with us are published. Just goes to show that Persistence is the road to take to Published.
    @Donna - *waves*
    @Catherine - Oh, thank you thank you!I really appreciate hearing that.

  26. What a great-sounding book and eye-grabbing cover! Good luck with this, Huntress/CD. I'll check it out.

    And Michael darling, I hope you're doing well and the world isn't driving you crazy.

  27. Wilder Mage sounds interesting. Will check it out today.

    Glad to hear your move is going well. I know it's a lot of work.

  28. grats, cd, sounds like my kinda read :)

    thx for the intro, mike :)

  29. I know her mainly as Huntress, but this book sounds great!