Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Zillo Beast is the Godzilla of the Star Wars universe

This is the graphic used in the episode "the Zillo Beast" to test the Republic's
newest "weapon of mass destruction" versus the terrible droid army. I've also
used this picture before for my short story "The Insanity of Zero" back when
I thought people actually might read it. However, I found a lot of success
giving it away for free on Amazon and Smashwords, so it's all good. :)
I absolutely loved the two-story arc that started with "The Zillo Beast" and ended with the episode "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back." In short, the Zillo Beast is the Godzilla of the Star Wars universe.
This is the Zillo Beast after getting rudely awakened by the explosion featured
in the picture above. Those green waterfalls are outflow from broken pipes.
Anyone that's followed my blog or my postings knows that I'm a fan of kaiju movies. For example, I'm really looking forward to this summer's "Pacific Rim" probably more so than just about any other movie being released (maybe with the exception of Iron Man 3 on Friday). As an aside note, if you haven't been keeping track of records, Iron Man 3's international debut raked in $195 million and shattered the previous record set by "The Avengers!" Boo Yeah. Robert Downey Jr. Is. The. Man. Sorry for my segue...now back to the Godzilla of Star Wars.
Zillo Beast contained! Or so the Republic thought. Why would any civilization
ever take such a huge creature back to the city? It almost seems like foreshadowing
of certain doom. But maybe I only say that because I saw "King Kong." I guess
they don't have "King Kong" in Coruscant. What a pity.
So there I was, quietly watching the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series on television, when this episode started. I squeed in joy as I realized I was in for a treat with an homage to all things kaiju (kaiju is a Japanese word that means "strange beast"). You may ask, how do we first meet the Zillo Beast?  Well dear reader, it happened in the aftermath of a completely epic explosion of the Republic's newest droid-disrupting weapon. If you recall your Godzilla lore, you will note that we meet Godzilla in exactly the same manner following nuclear tests off the island of Japan.
The Zillo Beast scaling huge buildings in Coruscant. Yes, those are fighter
planes shooting at him in the background. Zillo Beast is just hungry. Zillo
Beast must feed on clones! NOM NOM NOM
When the smoke cleared, a huge crater had been made, and at the bottom was a very angry Zillo Beast awoken from its slumber. Mace Windu soon realizes that the Zillo Beast is the last specimen of its kind, so the Jedi face a dilemma: should they save the beast or help the Dugs kill it (the Zillo Beast is on the Dug homeworld).
All large one of a kind Kaiju always meet the same end. It doesn't matter if
it happens on Earth or in Coruscant. Humans just don't like it when you stomp
on their buildings.
Naturally, they make the decision to take the Zillo Beast back to Coruscant in the hopes of learning the secret of its impenetrable natural armor. In King Kong fashion, it breaks free of its bonds and rampages through the city. They eventually kill the Zillo Beast using poison gas. It's kind of sad in the same way that the death of King Kong is kind of sad. In the clip below, Mace Windu comes face-to-face for the first time with the almighty Zillo Beast! It's very exciting.
And below is the clip where the Zillo Beast breaks free following a decision made by Senator Palpatine to euthanize it using a newly developed toxin. Much chaos ensues on Coruscant.
And that's it! I made it from A to Z. I look forward to see who else crossed the finish line. Tomorrow is another Insecure Writers Support Group post and a spotlight on author Jessica Bell's book regarding Adverbs and Cliches. Question: Did I make you a fan of the Clone Wars television series? Are you going to check it out on your own when you get the chance? Are you sad that this is my last "Clone Wars" post ever?I lost my Magic 8 Ball, but I hope that "signs point to yes." Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Aw, man! I just realized we'll never know how that story line turned out!

  2. Great series of posts, but I don't know if I'll ever get into anything with young Anakin in it. He's so annoying.

    Moody Writing

  3. Poor Zillo Beast but you have to protect the citizens. Congrats on making it through A-Z.

  4. I'm elated this is the last Clone Wars post ever.

  5. it's a shame he wasn't in the movies

  6. I loved your theme. I'll probably go back and reference it from time to time. So glad A-Z is over.

  7. You must have done extensive research on Star Wars. Great job finding A to Z characters for the challenge in one theme. My oldest son loves Star wars and Godzilla. I will surprise him by telling him about Zillo Beast being the Godzilla of the Star Wars. Thanks:)

  8. I'd like Zillo beast more if his head didn't look so much like a whale.

  9. Zillo Beast gives me the shakes. You may not have made me a fan of The Clone Wars, but you've made me add it to my list of To Try.

    Congratulations on all your posts and finishing up to the very end.

  10. I love the large beasts, the bigger the better. Don't know what the attraction is, but find them very entertaining. Did not know of the Zillo Beast.

    Happy end to the A to Z Challenge, congrats on making it through, your posts were very entertaining and full of information. Very detailed, good work!

  11. Had a buddy of mine send me the latest trailer for Pacific Rim. I can't wait!!!!

    I forgot about the Zillo beast, but you're exactly right. It is the Godzilla of the Star Wars universe.

  12. Another one I didn't see.
    You did an awesome job with your posts, Mike.

  13. That is a great graphic!

    Yes, Godzilla has taught us never to bring the big best to the city.

  14. It's been a great challenge, and your topic was the best.

    You actually have to kill this thing at the end of Lego Star Wars III.

    Also, did you see the Ghibli live action trailer:


  15. I absolutely love the Zillo Beast when he's mad about being woken up by the explosion. Hahaha.

    Your topic was a lot of fun. Congrats on finishing! :)

  16. Don't know if I'm a fan of the Star Wars TV series yet, but you've definitely made me curious about it so I'll have to investigate some episodes.

    If Zillo is like King Kong, then he's one sympathetic monster. And what I like about Robert Downey Jr. is that he's obviously intelligent and kinda quirky and holds the screen when he's on it. Definitely not the usual big muscles-bound superhero type. The Iron Man series also makes being a smart/genius scientist and engineer very cool.

  17. Crazy looking creature. Don't think I'd want to tick him off.

    Happy last day of the Challenge. It's been real. :)

  18. Creature feature? That's what those eps sounded like.

    Yes, I suppose I'll see the series if I stumble across it. At the moment I don't have time to go looking for it, but if it falls into my lap, I might decide to watch.

  19. I have so completely enjoyed my Star Wars education. Your genuine enthusiasm is contagious.

  20. You crossed the finish line! Woot! And yes you've made me want to watch the Clone Wars series now. (:

  21. Hi Michael .. well done - I regret I'm not really a fan ... but I get occasionally to glance at things when I'm with friends .. I usually deviate to less brain manipulative fiction - cheers Hilary