Friday, March 16, 2012

Whisper of Memory by Brinda Berry

Today I would like to welcome author Brinda Berry. I read her first book called The Waiting Booth and reviewed it HERE. Now, she's back with a sequel and it's very exciting.

From Inside the Flap...

Weapons training and winter formals… a deadly combination

All Mia ever wanted was to fit in at Whispering Woods High. But being a portal-finder who dates a guy from another dimension sort of makes it hard. A month ago her brother disappeared, and agents from the IIA began policing people’s movements through dimensions. She’d trusted Dr. Bleeker from the local university when he’d told her the IIA were the bad guys. But even a girl with an extraordinary ability to sense things can make mistakes.

Now two people are dead, and as a portal gatekeeper for the IIA, Mia needs to find Dr. Bleeker before he hurts anyone else. And her boyfriend Regulus, an Agent for the IIA, carries secrets of his own. Between learning about weaponry, finding the perfect dress for the winter formal, and catching bad guys, who has time to fit in?
Brinda is running a contest to celebrate the release of her new book. She is giving away romance trading cards and a Kindle Touch. The giveaway ends on April 30th so please enter below and win win win.
Check out the cool romance card
Now Brinda has a question for you.

High school senior Mia Taylor and her friends seem to draw trouble like a magnet. Did you have anything out of the ordinary happen to you during your senior year? As for me, my senior year was pretty boring. I guess the highlight was that I graduated. Oh and I thought my senior class was one died through all three years of high school (and it was a big class). So maybe that's somewhat out of the ordinary. Most high school classes have one or two deaths by the time the average kid reaches graduation. Oh and we had six valedictorians. How dumb is that?

Please be sure to check out Brinda's blog located HERE.
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  1. I love the name Brinda. Its so unusual.

  2. Is it bad that I went straight for the QR code like a magpie to foil?

    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  3. I left school at 16. I might have stayed on but they closed it down as soon as I left :-)

  4. The cards her son made are really cool.

  5. Michael- Thanks so much for helping me celebrate. I have the coolest friends on the internet. And the internet is a big place. ;) So, no one died in your class and it was a big one? That is weird. That's as weird as 6 valedictorians.

  6. Hearing so much 'good' about Brinda'a book, it just became a 'must read'. Now I have to live to be 103 to get to everything on my TBR list. Thanks.

    Next trip to IF, I'll let you know. Since, this particular daughter (from Ririe) is moving to the islands, not much need to go back unless it's to finally clear out my storage locker.

  7. Congrats to Brinda on a new book release.

    Weird, but we had two kids die while I was in high school. Both lived on my block. They died in separate car accidents. They were next door neighbors. Really sad.

  8. I went back and read your review of the first book and both sound pretty good. Besides, I enter every kindle contest I find because my tablet screen isn't easy enough to see in daylight, and I read while I'm walking for health reasons. I think I have about 30 e-books in line, most that indie authors sent for betas or reviews. Instead I read the paperbacks I can see better.

  9. Wait, are we supposed to answer the question, or just you? Just when I thought I had the hang of this blogging thing.

    At first, I didn't think much of the idea of this book. But your sell job and the way the story promises to unfold made it sound better than the original premise. I guess that's fair warning that the "all X ever wanted was y" but premise can turn people off; maybe lead with something other than that.

    Then again, if I knew anything about marketing, would I be doing my current job?

    Probably, as it would be a shame to see law school go to waste.

    Back to pizza rolls. (I'm eating lunch as I read this.)

  10. I didn't make it to my senior year. I was too busy getting pregnant. The book sounds terrific!

  11. it's a type of book I'd never read myself, but I do love how her name Brinda Berry resonates and vibrates when pronounced. Great name!

  12. This sounds like a great book for teen girls. Think the book will do well. Love Brinda's name.

    High school -- I am from the hippy generation. I remember a lot girls were pregnant when we graduated -- no deaths yet. And, the principal was having an affair with someone. And, we were allowed to wear "skorts" (Skirt-shorts) to school the last week of classes -- and they couldn't be much above the knee. Girls always had to wear dresses and not aloud to wear pants. Oh, and the theme song was "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy. :)

  13. Sounds like an interesting book.

    And no one died at my high school either.

  14. Nothing major happened to me either in high school... okay maybe I wagged school a few days for a boy... but never got caught:)

  15. Hmmm... nothing major. The only weird things were that there were only three seniors. And I wrote something like 28 papers for my final exams. In two weeks. :-/

    BTW, is the competition open to foreigners?

  16. I spent my senior year in a dance studio... so... hmmmm... not too much craziness happened, unless you count a girl spinning into the barr... LOL.

    Great to learn more about Brinda and her writing! :D

  17. My high school paled in comparison. Except for those kids at the science fair who disappeared in a wormhole and were never seen again. They could have used a good portal gatekeeper like Mia!

  18. Congratulations to Brinda on the new release!

    I'm still in high school and am unable to tell the future, so I can't really answer that question. :P

  19. Congratulations to Brinda on her new release. I already purchased the Kindle edition after reading so many glowing post, excerpts and interviews this weekend.

  20. Sounds like a good one! Senior year? Can I remember that far back?

  21. @ADaftScotsLass: Nope not at all. I like it too. :)

    @Jamie: LOL Well she's giving away awesome stuff!

    @Sarah: They just couldn't get along without you dearie.

    @Alex: I agree.

    @Brinda: No problem, Brinda. I love a great guest post where I don't have to think up something. lulz.

    @faraway: Ooo how exciting. I don't much enjoy going to I.F., but if I could meet you I think that'd be okay.

    @L.G.: *throws confetti along with you.

    @Sher: Yay. I love contests too.

    @IB: IKR!?

    @Briane: You overcomplicate things. But then again, you are Mr. Pagel...known for such things.

    @Belle: Getting pregnant sounds like fun. The "getting" part; not necessarily the "being" part.

    @Dezmond: It doesn't have enough Hollywood for you. I agree.

    @Patricia: I think it probably is, Patricia.

    @Liz: Ooo we are the same age and had the same event take place in our high schools. And we both write Sci-fi! We have so much in common.

    @Misha: Yes it is open to foreigners.

    @Morgan: Dancing explains why you are in such great shape :)

    @Stephen: Eeep. Wormholes consuming high school kids sounds like the setting for another paranormal romance!

    @Golden: Enjoy your prom.

    @Melissa: Oooh you'll have to come back and let me know how much you enjoyed it. I'm getting it soon.

    @Milo: I know, it's difficult sometimes remembering what happened last week. Good thing we have yearbooks.

    Thanks everyone for commenting on Brinda's new release!

  22. What an awesome book! It sounds incredible!

    And it was great to meet you Friday, Michael! Even if we were on opposite ends of the table and only got to talk for a moment. (And btw, that devil's toenails comment is going to stay with me FOREVER.)

  23. I love the tagline on for this book. :)