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Let's talk about season 3 of Bridgerton

Dearest Gentle Reader..., we need to talk about the beautiful end of season 3 of Bridgerton. For long-time followers of my blog, you may know that I am heavily invested in Bridgerton. The story always sweeps me away, and Bridgerton is so good at reducing me to a crying slob on the couch because these romances are so good! But, that doesn't mean I am without criticisms for the show. There are a few things I'd like to point out, so if you are a Bridgerton watcher, these may make sense. If not, these could be spoilers. However, I'd argue that if you haven't watched Bridgerton by now, you probably won't.

First off, this season was all about Penelope Featherington and her dual identity as Lady Whistledown. I was surprised that they went there, and with such vigor as to expose Penelope completely by the end of the season. I was also surprised that it all worked out for Penelope, and I was worried that it would not. The Julie Andrew's narration adds a lot to the show, and I think if it were to disappear, I would miss it. However, this is Bridgerton and a sad ending to her fairy tale romance simply wouldn't do. The final lines delivered by Colin Bridgerton to Penelope, wherein he decided to completely stand by her side and tell her that she was the most courageous person he knew was incredible. It was one of those deliveries that you wait an entire movie to hear. Needless to say, if you like well-scripted writing, you should watch season 3.

But I do have questions. First, why did the printer guy say Lady Whistledown was a redhead when Pen clearly pretended to be a servant girl, Irish accent and all?  Wouldn't they have otherwise said that "her servant is a redhead?" It became a huge leap in logic that Cressida immediately figured out that Lady Whistledown was Pen, and the boy so easily suspected that the printer's servant was the author herself. If you think about previous seasons, you know that Pen had partnered with the modiste so that she wouldn't be the only one dropping the issues off.

However, the writers did treat Colin really well by clarifying who he is through many scenes. For example, when he criticizes Eloise for acting like the rest of the girly girls, she retorts that it's because she has no more appetite for fighting social pressure. And then she points out to Colin that he has done the same thing by putting on a manly guise to appease the Ton. Additionally, when Colin reminisces about his childhood, he alludes to the self-consciousness of adulthood and emergent worries about what people think. He then claims to have transcended that, but all he does is reveal a lot of insecurities. This puts Colin on a journey to accepting his real "dorky self" as good enough while we also see Pen accepting herself as being inseparable from Lady Whistledown. It all comes together so brilliantly.

I also loved that Pen walked down the aisle to a classical version of "Yellow," which was a nod to Pen's yellow dresses in previous seasons. That was really cute.

And thus, season 3 has ended and left me for wanting more. I wonder whose story will be told in season four? Maybe Eloise? I've never read the books, but I think it's time for Eloise to have her story (if there is one that has been written for her).


  1. Maybe you should read the books while waiting for a new season.

  2. Entertainment Weekly has been spending a lot of time on Bridgerton. So, I have a couple tidbits to add.

    Apparently, in the books. Pen stops writing Lady Whistledown, but it appears that she will not in the series. It should be Pen voicing her from here on out, but the showrunners have said, "but it's Julie Andrews", so don't expect her voiceovers to go away.

    Francesca's story is not over. Apparently, she has a whole book where she falls for someone else after her first husband dies (?!?). I should have said spoilers... (And that someone is John's cousin who we briefly met at the end there, so...)

    From what I read, Eloise does have a book. I don't know if they're doing the books in order.

    1. Whoops, forgot the link:


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