Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Netflix's Arcane returns for season 2 in November. Is it enough for me to forget the election?

A few years ago, I became a fan of the League of Legends hit show on Netflix called Arcane. The trailer for the second season has finally dropped (I'm embedding it below). This is one of those shows that is rare in its quality, and because of that (I assume) it has taken years for the animation studio to release a follow-up. But it's also the last season of this particular storyline in this world, and I wasn't expecting that. However, there are going to be more stories that are told on Runeterra, and I think that seems like a really good way to develop this world. Afterall, I wasn't so much intrigued by the characters in season one (primarily Vi and Jinx) as I was intrigued at the world I was seeing. They also aren't continuing with the "Arcane" branding. My guess is that this decision is to avoid confusion.

The media landscape doesn't tend to have many long-running scripted shows these days, nevermind the rare anthology series. What does seem to be in abundance is plenty of shared universe storytelling. So, given this trend, I think having every region get its own "[insert brand]: A League of Legends Story" will be much clearer about what is going on to a layperson (like myself) than letting Arcane run for 12 seasons with a constantly rotating cast.

All of that being said, the trailer looks fantastic. I think that they're definitely leaning more and more into Vi being conflicted over the things that Jinx is doing. And I wonder how things will end as I'm not familiar with League of Legends lore. I guess we shall all find out come November :). Maybe it will be enough to get my mind off the election.

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