Monday, February 10, 2020

Behold the actual size of a Woolly Mammoth.

I knew Woolly Mammoths were prehistoric creatures and that they were big. I know elephants are big, because I saw them in the now extinct Ringling Brother's Circus before it was not okay to have elephants in circuses anymore. And, yes, I've seen them in a zoo too. But the circus elephants left more of an impression on me because people were always crawling all over them and doing things.

So the above picture is a photo of "life-sized" sculptures of mammoths located in the Siberian town of Khanty-Mansiisk. I found it while reading scientific opinions written by mostly scientists on the ethical implications of bringing back Woolly Mammoths from extinction via cloning. Folks, that person posing with the trunk looks tiny in comparison. There's no mention of how tiny that person is, but I'm guessing maybe 5-foot six-inches or thereabout. Anyway...I'm a little in awe of how big these creatures actually were. I can't imagine how much a thing like that needed to eat, but I'm sure it was a lot. Honestly, it's kind of amazing how big some creatures get on our planet.

On a side note, did you watch the Oscars last night? I'll be blogging about the Academy Awards on Wednesday.


  1. What the statue needs is a saber tooth tiger next to it. And maybe a giant ground sloth. Those were all scary big animals.
    Skipped the Oscars and hours of political rants.

  2. Bringing those back seems like a bad idea. Didn't scientists watch or read Jurassic Park?

  3. No on the Oscars, had better things to do. :) Love the Mammoths, but don't want them roaming the earth, or a zoo!

  4. I think it's worthwhile to bring some back.
    However, I think it's more worthwhile to stop the current extinction crisis.