Wednesday, November 6, 2019

For the November IWSG I'm saying Antarctica is the wierdest thing I've googled in the name of story research.

It's nanowrimo month (I'm not participating), but that also means the calendar has rolled over again. Being Wednesday, I'm going to tackle the Insecure Writer's Support Group's question of the month. If you too would like to participate, then go to this LINK and sign-up. It happens once a month, and was started a long time ago by Alex Cavanaugh.

November 6 question - What's the strangest thing you've ever googled in researching a story? 

It's not really all that strange, but I wanted to find out how people actually get to visit Antarctica. I found out that you can't just go there. If you are in the United States, you need to get the go-ahead from the National Science Foundation (NSF) first.

You see, everyone that goes to Antarctica has to be doing something, or they won't let you go. So (in other words) everyone has a reason for being there as well as having a job to do at the research station. However, your reasons for going can be pretty relaxed. I read a blog where one person was allowed to go because they wanted to write a book of poetry about Antarctica and about penguins or something like that. Their request was accepted, and they were allowed to go for six months, and they had a pretty pleasant experience. Antarctica has a lot more activity than most people realize, from parties and beer pong to people sitting on couches outside and watching television just because they can.

One book I read about the topic had an author who said, "Going to Antarctica is always the trump card in any conversation. If you are at a bar, and some guy is talking about all of his travels, you can play the Antarctica card and instantly 'steal' the spotlight, because everyone always has questions about Antarctica." Anyway, that's probably the weirdest thing I've googled. Pretty tame, right?

We are getting into "The Holidays" now, so I'm going to winterize my blog until the first Insecure Writer's Support Group post of January 2020. If you are a regular reader, thank you for all your support, and I'll see you in the new year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.


  1. I saw a special on the big research facility at the South Pole. Not sure I'd want to hang out there for six months. Even one of those month long cruises along the coastline sounds rough.

  2. It'll be a lot easier to go there once global warming finishes melting all the ice. Happy Holidays!

  3. Have a wonderful break. I am doing the NaNoWriMo unofficially. I need to.


  4. I heard they leave out of Oxnard, or at least Ventura County. I found that interesting when I lived there. Have a great winter break.

  5. I want to go to Antarctica for the month of November because I read on their website a while back that no one has ever participated in NaNoWriMo from there. Would that be a good enough reason? :)

    Happy holidays! Enjoy your break!

  6. I once read an article about a researcher who died in Antarctica because he got caught in the extreme cold. If I ever went there I'd be SO careful to stay inside or always be within visible contact with the research center.

  7. I did some Antarctica research for a story I've been working on with a frozen planet setting. Bleak and beautiful both. I doubt I would ever want to go there, but it sure is fun to research.

    Happy Holidays Mike.

  8. I'm sure that can't be a cheap trip, so you'd have to really want to write that book of poetry.

  9. I still stop by your blog once in awhile. Antarctica is fun to look at on Google Earth, and it's a cheap way to visit. Happy Holidays!