Friday, November 14, 2014

The Internet is abuzz that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is setting up the Inhumans movie in 2018.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has gotten really interesting in the second season. But probably the most interesting revelations have been coming with light speed on the internet. If you are a watcher of the show, then you know that Coulson has been drawing a strange alien language on the wall, and it would seem that all those given a drug sample from the mysterious blue guy (so that they could have second lives) have been stricken with a similar compulsion.

Well the community over at io9 has been working together in comments and in articles to figure it all out, and's really got me excited. So let me be clear, this is all theory stuff so it may or may not be true, but I love theory crafting because the payoff (if I end up being proved right) is kind of awesome (yes, I'm one of those irritating people that actually loves spoilers).

Okay, so what is the writing on the wall? Well, if you watched Tuesday's episode you know it's actually supposed to be seen in three dimensions and Coulson gave us the reveal when he said, "It's a city." Interesting, right? Well what city exactly?

See, I like reading comics but again, I was as lost as you until I started data-mining nuggets from comments left by nerds with more Marvel cred than myself. Apparently, this is all a "lead up" to the 2018 Inhumans movie (which seems a long time off but hey, I've now lived in Salt Lake City for almost seven years, and that went by in the blink of an eye).
So who are the Inhumans? Descended from our prehistoric ancestors, the Inhumans were experimented on by the alien Kree (picture the blue guy in the glass tube). An important thing to note is that the Kree would fit the description of the thing in the tube being "Older than the pyramids." Now according to io9, "The Inhumans built a city called Attilan before the rest of humanity even started farming, and they go through a rite of passage known as Terrigenesis that grants them amazing powers." Most people that watch the show think that Skye and Raina are both Inhumans. If that's the case, we'll probably be getting our first "super-powered" regulars on the show.

Attilan in the comic books is now located on the moon, but at one point it was in the Himalayan mountains and before that, in the ocean. I kind of like the concept of a city whose inhabitants are so powerful they can just move it around. And we're about to get our first Inhumans in the form of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the second Avengers movie (so the timing seems about right).

What do you think? Is Marvel starting the Inhuman thread so early for a huge payoff in four years? 


  1. They've played everything else so well, it's definitely possible.

  2. I can't answer your question, and defer to those more knowledgeable on this topic than me.

  3. Sure, why not? You'd think it'd be more productive to help set up Avengers 2 or their Netflix series coming out next year than something 4 years down the road.

    BTW,I thought you were talking about Kim Kardashian's ass today.

  4. @P.T.: My blog post intended today about Kim Kardashian's naked ass got canceled because the whole internet is talking about Kim Kardashian, so why beat a dead horse?

    But if you must be enlightened, I was going to say how the h8ters are hating on Kim and in doing so, being anti-American.

    Kim is a business woman. She knows how to use her "ass" ets to get attention and lots of money. She knows her brand, has got a financial empire probably worth in the billions, and ruthlessly manages her image in a way that will make her even richer.

    She is the face of the T.E.A. Party America whether or not they agree because of the unbridled capitalist spirit that both pumps up her boobs and allows her to skip out on paying her fare share in taxes because she's in the 1%.

    If you are pro-American, you should celebrate Kim Kardashian for the entrepreneur that she is. And her big, gleaming ass is just what I'd expect were America to take a selfie.

    1. I just don't see why anyone cares at this point. She already had a sex tape.

  5. @P.T.: That's kind of a philosophy question. Why should we care about anything? The thing we know as society and its structures and the pursuit of money is all invented to keep us busy until we die. I mean...why should we care about anything? Kim Kardashian's butt has as much meaning as Captain America's broken shield in the Age of Ultron trailer or as much meaning as deciding to put marble countertops in your kitchen. It's all equally meaningless and equally important at the same time.

  6. Better not read this as I am two weeks behind on my S.H.I.E.L.D. watching. I'll check back when I'm sure I won't inadvertently find some spoilers. (I'm about three weeks behind on several shows, so it's not just this one.)

  7. Pretty sure Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren't Inhumans.

  8. @moody: They can't use mutants because that is owned by Fox. They have to be inhumans.

  9. I'm sure they'll come up with another term for them, but Feige has already gone on record denying the rumour they were going to turn them into Inhumans. Would be a huge changing of canon if they did that (although they've changed Ultron's origins so it's not beyond all reason).

  10. Marvel are on the cutting edge with superhero movies. I think it is a great idea getting audiences in tune with The Inhumans early. Until this year I had no idea they existed. Keep mining for info and theories Mike. Your blog helps keep me in the know.