Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starz Camelot

I love tales of King Arthur. 
So needless to say...I'm really excited about this

Here's the video for it if you don't want to follow the link to the Starz website.

The selling points:  It has Sex, Violence, Humor, in a very real dangerous world.  Did I mention sex?  Have you seen these actors and actresses?

mmmhmmm.  I love TiVO and I'm totally going to watch every single episode.

Things I really like:

1) Just like in the show "Merlin" which I watch whenever I can, Arthur is a young king/prince.  This is totally how it needs to be.

2) The attention to detail...the armor, fight scenes, etc. look awesome.

3) The actors are really good looking.  Although I'm going to miss Bradley James as Arthur.

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