Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Goldman Sachs Helicopter -- ZOMGAH!

In one of the stories I'm writing, my protagonist has a friend in college whose dad works for Goldman Sachs.  I wanted to see what their helicopters looked like and found this below.  All I gotta say is wow...the rich really do live wayyyy better than us people without money.  Le sigh (the French version of the normal sigh and yes...somehow more exotic don't you think?) 

But I digress.  Here's the picture:

This is the Eurocopter EC145 "Mercedes-Benz Style" Helicopter. For this special edition EC145 turbine-powered chopper, Mercedes Benz was hired to design the interior in a stylish and opulent manner. The  medium-sized, twin-engine helicopter features a plush, wood-paneled, yacht-like interior with high-end upholstery, three multi-function boxes offering a cool box, cup holders, tables, monitors, and blu-ray player, and a windowed partition wall between the cabin and the passenger area to keep the help from bothering the guests.

Checkout the cockpit here ==>

And here's a pic of the entertainment panel when it's in the up position ==>

And of course, the whole reason for taking the helicopter is to avoid the traffic in Manhattan on the way to the golf course, amirite?

I'm so jealous that even writing about it in a fictional point-of-view is sure fun as hell.   Oh how the other half live :)))

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