Friday, May 20, 2016

My favorite mutant in the X-Men comics is Nightcrawler. Who's your favorite?

Next week we get another X-Men movie, and that's just perfect (I don't really care what the reviews are going to be either). In celebration, I'm revealing my favorite mutant. It's Nightcrawler. Here's a few tidbits about him.

He goes by the name Kurt Wagner. Nightcrawler also possesses superhuman agility, the ability to teleport, and adhesive hands and feet. He has indigo colored skin (which helps him hide in shadows), two-toed feet, and three-fingered hands. He also has yellow eyes, a prehensile tail (like a monkey), and pointy ears. His mother (in the comic books) is Mystique and his father was Azazel. He grew up in the circus.

Why do I like him? I've always thought the ability to teleport at will was just really fun. Because of that, Scorpion was my favorite Mortal Kombat character (he could also teleport around) followed closely by Raiden (who could also teleport). I even invented a secret order of assassins in my Dungeons & Dragons game who all get special powers (like mutants) and my favorite one can teleport.

So now that I've told you my favorite X-Men, do you have one? If so, name it in the comments please. You get bonus points if you tell me why you like them so much. 


  1. I've always really liked Nightcrawler. His limited series back in the 80s was great.
    However, my favorite little-heard-of X-Man is Longshot. He was awesome.

  2. I haven't read many X-Men comics.but the Hope figure makes a good Scarlet Knight figure.

    1. To clarify: Hope Summers. I don't know why I spaced on her name.

  3. Typically, mine is probably Wolverine, for his healing ability. And sassy attitude. But if I could be any of them, Mystique. I never know who I should be either, lol. And who wouldn't want wings, so the fairy chick is cool.

  4. I never read the comics but I loved the X-Men cartoon that was on Fox Saturday mornings in the early 90s. The show was a simplified form of the X-Men universe and while most of my friends seemed drawn to Wolverine, I always liked Gambit.

    Gambit had the ability to transfer energy into items and combined with misspent youth gave the ability to toss kinetically charged playing cards with uncanny accuracy and explosive results. Certainly the most stylish of the X-Men, Remy couldn't help but draw attention to himself with his long coat, ever present quarterstaff, and New Orleans accent. Few of the X-Men ever really trusted Gambit due to his background as a criminal and the fact he hit on just about every female he ever encountered. Despite that his charm made the show.

    The Gambit we saw in the Wolverine movie was a pale imitation and I hope the upcoming stand alone movie with Channing Tatum will finally do him justice on the big screen.