Monday, March 7, 2016

Not Tomorrow Yet makes it easy to call The Walking Dead the most brutal show that has ever aired on television.

Spoiler Alert: I am talking about Sunday night's The Walking Dead episode called "Not Tomorrow Yet."
Has there ever been a show on television as brutal as The Walking Dead? I'm so thankful for "Talking Dead" because, after watching a show like "Not Tomorrow Yet," I feel like I need to decompress. The brutal slaughtering of people that they didn't even know reached new levels of emotional shock for me than I had anticipated. And yeah, I did know it was coming, but it just seemed far more horrible outside of a comic book and splashed all over the screen (in one scene blood spray stuck to the camera lens in a kind of "Deadpool-esque" break the Fourth Wall moment).

So last night we saw Rick's group of warriors go up against what I think is a small contingent of "The Saviors" who probably have a much larger and stronger army. This was a kind of "outpost," but the killing is definitely stirring up a hornet's nest that will lead to all out war. And the reasoning behind the attack was very logical: it's us or them. To some extent, it's a reflection of modern politics with fear spreading through a population and more and more people raising their voices in a chorus demanding radical action to guarantee safety.
Negan's compound in The Walking Dead comic book. This is the hornet's
nest that Rick and crew have stirred up. And something tells me we're going
to be seeing it next week with that gut-wrenching ending of last night's episode.
This episode was a dramatic shift in the narrative of The Walking Dead. Instead of being defenders, Rick's group moved into the position of being the predator at the watering hole. I suppose the transition has been a long time coming with Rick's crew trying to avoid violence whenever possible. It reminds me of a quote I heard one time that went something like this: "Hostility and violence doesn't solve anything. It solves everything."  If you lived in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies and knew that a violent group was out there that would come and take all of your resources and perhaps harm or even kill people in your community, could you take on the role of an assassin and strike them first?

I'm glad we don't live in a world like that...yet. And I hope we never will.


  1. Preemptive strikes are nothing new-- remember Pearl Harbor? I've heard this Negan is a bad dude so I guess it's better to get the first punch. But Ricks group is like Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote; once they show up the body count starts rising.

  2. Sometimes you have to go on the offense.

  3. I would have preferred a bit more research into the situation first. They assumed a LOT and now they're going to have pay for this mistake.

  4. Brutal times often don't go hand in hand with peace. Wouldn't want to live in a time like this either Mike.

  5. I recorded it and plan on watching it tonight so I'll be back to read this afterwards.

  6. Interesting. When science fiction or fantasy shows capture the zeitgeist, there's some underlying theme that resonates with people. Perhaps the whole zombie thing is a reaction to modern politics. I hadn't thought of that before.

  7. I like Liz's comment and also how you draw the comparison between our ugly current politics with its fear mongering and a violent apocalyptic show. I don't want to live with zombies or Trump.