Friday, December 6, 2013

Is Luke the new supreme on American Horror Story

Poor shirtless Luke and his mother prior to the
Borax enema that she forces him to use
in order to clean the evil out of her son. He's
becoming a more interesting character with
each new episode mmhmm
This week's episode of American Horror Story (it shows late Wednesday night on FX) had the coven witches basically looking for their next Supreme. For the uninitiated, there is always one witch of every generation who demonstrates powers above and beyond the rest. When this new person arrives, the powers of the old supreme begin to fade and the new one begins to come into their own.

Previously, I assumed that the new supreme must have been Zoe. But that is way too obvious for this show. So I started to look deeper. With the appearance of a male witch on the council, it started me thinking that (if a man could be a witch) a man could be the supreme.

Enter Luke Ramsey (played by Alexander Dreymon). Earlier in this season, Nan and Madison paid a visit to the next door neighbors (where Luke lives with his super religious mother) and we just assumed that Madison set the drapes on fire. But I don't think Madison is the one responsible. I think Luke set the drapes on fire because he was also in the same room. Additionally, in the Halloween episode where the zombies sent by Marie Laveau were thwarted (seemingly by Zoe) Luke was in the car outside with Nan and it's possible he may have been responsible for what happened to the zombies. Marie Laveau woke up and said, "They've got some kind of power in that old coven house!" or something similar to that when the zombies all collapsed back into moldy corpses.
A funny pie chart that doesn't include Luke, courtesy
Other evidence that Luke is the supreme? We know a supreme is super healthy and we've seen enough of shirtless Luke to know he fits the bill. Additionally, his own mother says that he's got some kind of evil inside him, even going so far as to give him a (was that borax?) enema in the tub just to clean him out from the inside (what a disturbing scene) and then locking him in the closet.

So here's my educated guess (as I find these little mysteries insanely fun to figure out before the big reveal): Luke is the new supreme. What do you think? Yes? No? If no, then who do you think it is and why?


  1. I think you're the next Supreme. What a twist that would be if they had a contest to pick some random schmuck who watches the show.

    But now I can see why you're watching a show about a coven of witches. Beefcake!!!

  2. Wow, have I got some catching up to do! Although, really glad to have missed that scene!
    Luke as Supreme would deflate the power of the females, but at the rate they're going - I'm not behind any of them. So evil, and so far Luke seems to be less evil - maybe that's what they need?! But something tells me there's no salvation for any of them. Except maybe Misty.

  3. @Pat: There's plenty of reasons to watch AHS outside of beefcake, sir. You should give it a try. It's a great storyline and there's very little catching up to do. You write about witches, so this should be right up your alley.

    @Yolanda: How would it deflate the power of the females? They are already so powerful and each has a unique ability. I think it would add some badly needed diversity as their coven has been ruled by women for centuries.

  4. I don't watch this show but I must admit it does sound interesting. Happy Weekend.

  5. Luke's mother seems to be Carrie's mother part 2 or maybe times 2. Don't watch the show (or have the channel)but it seems very intriguing and I like that each post you write on it catches my attention. I think Luke would make a great supreme and through more surprises in the mix.

  6. I've never seen the show, but I'm glad there are so many good shows out there to watch. I just can't keep up.

  7. I don't watch this show, but having grown up on Bewitched I can tell you that a male witch is a warlock. I pretty much like witch stories -- love the idea of all that power -- but I just can't get excited about vampires or zombies.

  8. I don't watch the show.. to morbid for my taste... but thanks for the shirtless delight today!

  9. Zoe, all the way. She's proven to be the strongest, most take-charge of them all. Luke sure is pretty (and he obviously goes with Nan only as a means of escape). Of course, now that Misty has brought her back from the dead, psycho-Christian Joan owes her life to her witchy neighbors which changes that dynamic, completely. Of course, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Delphine, despite her racism. She is a woman of another time, after all. This season is the creepiest, funniest, campiest and bitchiest yet. And I am loving every minute of it!

  10. I'm afraid I don't watch but it sure looks like fun :)

  11. Possibly he has the powers. But he's still too wimpy for the job. Now, if he kills his mother, perhaps he could be a candidate. Misty would be a good candidate - if she wasn't crazy.


  12. Hmmmm... Could the baby be the new warlock supreme?