NC-17 Rated Artwork

This picture is called "Woman Summoning Magic." She's either protecting herself from evil, or about
to take out the dude on the hilltop behind her. This is black coloring pencil on drawing paper.

This is a satyr and a manticore. It's done in pencil on regular drawing paper. All the things written on
the tiles they are standing on are titles to Shakespeare plays because I always pictured the Satyr
wooing women with lines from Shakespeare. True to myth, he always sports an erection.

This is Kian from one of my stories having sex with one of the many
girls that like him. I drew this to see how much detail I could put into
a sex scene and to just have fun with it. It's in pencil on drawing paper.
Click to embiggen to inspect the details.
This is a young man jerkin' off in the woods. I just wanted to draw a naked guy in pencil.
I think he turned out pretty hot. He could be a character in a story I think.
This is pencil on regular drawing paper. Click to embiggen.
This is Dylan and Kathy from my book "Oculus." There's a scene where they get it on. I'll
do a better pic of Dylan later (where he has clothes on). I just wanted to draw some
naked people. This is pencil on drawing paper.

This is a Valion Knight and a woman he is intent on seducing and having sex with.
Valion Knights are forces of good in my fantasy world so this will probably be to her
liking. I'm sure there's a story here. This is pencil on drawing paper.

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